HelzAngels Tips: Keep your little ones in the barbering mood!

To all of our clients whose children really don’t like visiting a barber or who have sensory sensitivity.

HelzAngels has a large clientele base of young children who just don’t like getting their haircut for all different reasons, this is just not an enjoyable experience for them.

From the moment they visit us, we concentrate on building rapport with them and gaining their trust. Some of our clients need regular appointments to keep their child familiar with the tools we use and our environment.

With COVID-19 and government guidelines, we are not set to open any time soon. We are looking at July 4th at the earliest and even that may change.

We have put together some helpful tips that will hopefully keep your child used to the equipment we use and the feelings they have been getting used to when coming to see us.

Some of you may have reached a milestone in getting your little one sat on their own. With less frequent visits, you may experience a setback and when we open we will have to follow strict guidelines and there will be only be one parent allowed with one child, and no face-to-face contact.

So, keeping your littles used to a salon environment is essential for their next visit to us.

  • Here are some ideas to keep their haircuts fun, ready for when they can return to us;
  • Play hairdresser / barbering games using blunt toold, get them sitting on a chair safely on their own and role play.
  • Find a comb like the ones we use and gently comb round their ears, comb their fringe in their face so they get used to this sensation.
  • Use a clean bottle with water, just spray the hair to get them used to the feel, try letting it drip down in front of their face and back of their neck ever so slightly so they can get used to this sensation.
  • Style their hair and give them silly styles and have fun.
  • Use a hairdryer. First on their feet or on yourself and giggle, we call it the wind, get them used to the wind, make sure the hairdryer is on cool or warm and don’t hold it too long in one place, keep it moving constantly.
  • Give praise and even let them do your hair too!

It’s all about keeping things as familiar as possible.

We look forward to seeing you all when we get back!

Stay safe,
HelRazors x

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